All About Hydraulic Equipments

Hydraulic equipments use hydraulic power to do work under high pressure conditions. Such high pressure conditions can be found in hydraulic shafts, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. Heavy construction equipment is an obvious example. In such a case, the hydraulic fluid is circulated through the machine through hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders and gets pressurized according to the inherent mechanical resistance present.

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Hydraulic fluid is pressurized at very high pressures resulting in high boiling points. When this fluid reaches the boiling point, it expands, hence increasing the pressure of the hydraulic motor. This increased hydraulic force acts on the piston seal and the piston rod so that the seal breaks and the seal are released This is the basic mechanism behind hydraulic motor repair.

However, in a commercial application, high pressure may not be needed continuously. There can be periods where there is no or little need for high hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic fluid may flow at low pressures. During such periods, when there is no or little hydraulic motor usage, a pressure gauge on the instrument panel would indicate low pressure. This is the time to get the mechanic to replace the faulty hydraulic motor.

Another situation where hydraulic motor is used extensively is when a pipe leakage occurs within the system. There can be a variety of reasons for a pipe to leak, either it could be because of corrosion or it could also be because of a bend in the pipe. The first thing to do in such a situation is to find out the source of the leak and fix it. However, if the pipe is a part of a hydraulic system then replacing the damaged pipe with a new one will solve the problem. If it is a hydraulic motor then it will have to be taken out and discarded.

In case of hydraulic fluid leaking from any part of the hydraulic motor then immediate action must be taken. The hydraulic fluid will have to be recovered using the appropriate tools and techniques. A pressure gauge on the instrument panel can indicate if the hydraulic fluid has leaked. If it has then immediate action must be taken because the hydraulic pump will have to be shut down and the hydraulic fluid will have to be recovered using the appropriate tools.

All types of hydraulic equipments are made of materials that are durable and sturdy. However, there can be certain circumstances where even these equipments will need to be serviced or repaired. It is important to ensure that you know how to service and repair hydraulic motors or pumps before they break down.

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