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Bath Lifts Basics – These Chairs Are Made For Bathrooms

Probably you have had a serious fall and your back is extremely aching. Maybe you have just noticed that your 70-year old Dad is having a hard time using the bathtub. Maybe you feel a little lazy these fast few days, the least that you want to do is lower yourself in the bathtub and sit on the hard surface.

There are a thousand and one reasons why you or a loved one may be unwilling to sit and relax in the bathtub, but do not fret. With bath lifts, rest assured that you and your relatives’ pleasurable warm baths are not yet over ghế lười sân vườn.

What is a bath lift?

Bathtub lift chair or simply bath lift is equipment used for lifting and lowering individuals into a bathtub. It is normally considered a medical device since people who usually use it are disabled, aged, and those limited by their physical conditions, such as temporary disablement.

People who are disabled by age or injury have problems moving around, which makes showering and bathing one of the most challenging tasks for them. Bath lifts make it possible for these people to get in and out of the tub, with little or no assistance at all.

How does a bath lift work?

When sluggishness gets in the way, try using bath lift chair. Sit on the bath lift and press a button to lower yourself into the tub. Once you are done with your bathing, press a second button to lift yourself back. Bath lift chairs are run by rechargeable batteries. The chair will not lower you unless it detects that it has enough power to lift you up again. This ensures that you will not get stuck inside the tub once you are ready to stand.

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