Residential Solar Power Systems – Advantages of Solar Power at Home

Residential solar power systems are gaining popularity and are being deployed by many families all over the world.  More and more people are realizing that dependency on fossil fuel has to be reduced. This is possible only by building alternate sources of energy over a period of time. Fossil fuels are not going to last forever. It is possible to install your own power system using the light energy emitted by the sun. All places on this earth where there is enough sunshine, spending a small amount of money can help you generate electricity.

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The purpose of this article is to bring out the main advantages of residential solar power systems:

Before we discuss the advantages, let us understand the different ways in which you can generate solar power at home Business Power Plans.

There are two major types of residential solar power systems – the grid connected and the independent stand-alone system. The grid-connected system is connected to the power grid from the utility company. The stand-alone system operates independently. Cost of building a grid-connected system is higher compared to the standalone one.

One of the key advantages of this type of energy is that it can help you save on electricity bills by almost 80 %.  Additionally if you can generate more electricity, and if you have a grid-connected unit, then you can sell the excess energy to the utility company. This way you can generate some additional revenue.

The major advantage of generating solar power at home is environment friendly energy. It does not pollute the air in a manner that fossil fuels do. Plus you can slowly reduce your dependence on the utility company for your electricity requirements. By installing your own unit you will set a fine example for others to emulate and follow.

If you engage a company to construct a solar energy unit, then you may have to spend a lot of money. Installation services will cost you a lot. However now it is possible for you to construct your own unit at home. There are many online guides that offer you step-by-step instructions to build your own unit. These guides and plans are comprehensive and any non-technical person can put together a unit.

For construction of your own unit, you will have to spend some money to buy various parts. However, this initial investment can easily be recovered back in a few months itself. This is the reason more and more families are opting for residential solar power systems.


What Kind of Building Construction Materials Are Best For Your Next Project?

Building construction materials are the raw materials used for constructing a building. Most of them can be classified into non-natural building materials and natural building materials. Most of these materials are used by humans. Some of them, like bricks, timbers and wood, are used in homes while others, like concrete, steel and glass are used in commercial buildings. In addition, there are also other materials that are classified as building construction materials.

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Precast concrete slabs are one of the most important building materials today. This is because it is ecological, cost-effective and sustainable. They are made up of fine crushed gravel and cement and they are therefore resistant to heat, light and termites. These precast concrete slabs can also be used to build outdoor structures such as patios, walkways, driveways and retaining walls sbo.

Another green building material today is recycled plastic. Reused plastics are made through the process of polymerization where polymer chains are formed into the solid plastic. The plastic used here is virgin and non-allergenic, so that it is safe for food and drink cans. Plastic is also used in construction projects today such as floors, roofing panels, hanging shelves, furniture covers, bin linings, table top trays, backings, baseboards, air conditioning units and car bumpers.

Terrazzo is another material used for building material today. It is made out of fine grains of calcium carbonate held together by acrylics. Terrazzo is durable, easy to maintain, lightweight, slip resistant and natural looking. In fact, it is so beautiful that it can be used on patio floors, walls and even swimming pool decks.

Another green building material to consider for your next construction project is recycled fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is made out of ground up insulation balls or rolls. These balls of insulation are placed inside an aluminum or steel tube, which is then rolled onto a sheet of fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is heat resistant and will work best in areas where there is a need for additional heating such as bathrooms or kitchens. This type of insulation can be purchased in rolls, blocks or tiles.

If you are still wondering what kind of building material you should use for your next construction project, take a look at these ideas. You’ll find that recycled products like concrete slabs and terrazzo insulation will make a difference in your energy costs and the quality of your home. Use your creativity and be resourceful to save money while having a beautiful home to live in. Take the time to do some research and you’ll soon find the perfect choices for your needs.


Current State of Marriage – Why Traditional Marriages Are Not Working

I believe that true love and passion are real and authentic, but many times, marriage is not. I feel that too many married couples are pretending to be happy. I personally know many couples who are not truly happy in a fully committed monogamous marriage. The fact is that the old model of marriage is clearly not working as evidenced by the divorce statistics, which indicate that over half of marriages end in divorce. Some researchers say that at least 75% of marriages are ailing or unhappy. For African Americans, divorce is the end result for two out of three Black marriages. When I found out this information, it was startling to me, and over the last few years, I have been studying about marriage and divorce to understand why these challenges exist today. It’s not that I don’t believe in marriage. In fact, I do believe in the institution of marriage. My parents shared a great marriage for over 20 years by the time my dad passed away. I grew up in a household where the marriage relationship was happy and healthy schlüssel klemmt im schloss.

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Most marriages, on the surface, seem like a typical traditional marriage, but many of them are truly unhappy. This leads me to believe that marriage may be in a process of transitioning from our “parent’s generation” marriage to a type of more contemporary or modern marriage that will work for people today. However, many us do not know how to achieve this type of marriage, or know what this type of marriage looks like. Thus, I explore open marriage relationships in my upcoming book, Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating.

Many will agree that marriage can be convenient; however, with too much routine and definition, marriage can be the death of a love relationship. Too many people have squeezed the love affair out of their marriage and have allowed bills, money, and/or petty arguments to block the romantic aspects of their relationship. Unmarried women feel sorry for married women because they tend to be stuck in a rut or routine. Married women feel sorry for unmarried woman because they are alone. However, we all want both excitement and stability in our relationships whether we’re married or unmarried.

Why Do People Get Married?

People often marry because it’s the tradition. Men and women have been getting married since before recorded history. Until recently, America was the most “married” nation in the world. But now many ask, “Do I have to be married to live happily ever after?” In today’s society, people have a strong desire to simply be happy, whether that means being married or unmarried. Today fewer get married and more get divorced, and the unmarried and divorced population is growing. The cost of divorce can be both financially and emotionally devastating, and many are avoiding marriage just to ensure that they never have to go through divorce. With many marriages ailing or failing, some couples are considering various marriage alternatives in order to make informed intelligent decisions about their own lives.

Romantic love has been the primary motive for getting married, and it remains so even today. However, there are other factors that cause individuals to marry. Years ago there were more traditional reasons for getting married. Women wanted to get out of their parents’ homes, lose their virginity, or gain financial stability. In turn, men wanted a wife to care for them or help them fulfill their role as a husband and provider. Both men and women wanted to have children and raise a family. Marriage was definitely created to raise children. Back in the day, couples stayed together because they had to remain married. The wife was a homemaker and didn’t have a lot of options. Husbands were the family’s only provider so he would be perceived horribly if he left. However, today many of these motives for getting married no longer apply. Most men don’t really expect a woman to devote her entire life to him and his upkeep, and likewise, many women no longer rely on men to pay their way. Additionally, we rarely find women who want to marry just to have sex. Even pregnancy doesn’t lead a couple to marry as it had in the past. Marriage in America has truly changed due to social and cultural influences. For better or for worse, this is the current state of marriage.

Thinking about the current state of marriage, I know that people want to really make sense of their own lives, and to understand how societal and cultural forces have shaped marriage today. I, myself, wanted to better understand the new contemporary marriage models and the marrying trends of our current generation.

The rules of traditional relationships require that you be emotionally and sexually exclusive to one person forever. Therefore, many people in committed relationships are monogamous by default, not by choice. We learn through society that monogamy is what everyone is doing, and thus it is what’s expected in relationships. We are socialized to believe that true happiness can be achieved only in monogamous relationships. Even though this goes against many people’s natural inclinations, they accept and buy into it. However, many folks are realizing that it is unrealistic to expect one person to fulfill all of their needs?emotional, sexual, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, financial, romantic, etc.

Some people have spent the majority of their life dealing with the fact that they have struggled to be monogamous and keep their desires under lock and key. They have often found themselves in situations of betrayal, cheating or unfaithfulness. Well, the strongest argument for non-monogamy is that one person cannot fulfill all of our needs. In fact, for some people who have great physical, spiritual and emotional needs, it is unrealistic for one person to fulfill all of those needs and desires. This often sets us up for disappointment when a partner can’t meet all of our expectations. In fact, open relationships can often prevent us from unhealthy co-dependent relationships, e.g. relationships that we stay in for fear of being without the person at all.

Open relationships provide an alternative to being a traditional couple. Open relationships are committed, but nonexclusive relationships, that involve some degree of intimacy with multiple partners. These relationship arrangements also referred to as “responsible non-monogamy,” can be applied to both married and unmarried couples.

Open relationships provide an opportunity to get to know, love and experience different people in your life. To determine if open relationships are right for you, you will need to do lot of soul-searching and self-analysis to come to your own conclusion. You’ll need to consider what you believe about monogamy and open relationships.


Different guide to Help essay writing service

When the time has limited the seduction to put all the assignments aside becomes even stronger. But it will never help you with getting the work done. The more you postpone, the more you will have to do in the future. This may sound cruel, but it is quite a realistic situation. Procrastination will not lead you anywhere. This may cause serious problems and even lead to depression. Some students choose to give up and lose. Those who are tired of such a problem, tend to find different ways to solve it. The ways to do it are different. Some students may ask their group mates to write an essay for them. Others look for help among teachers. But more and more students search for essay help online. Hire an experienced essay writer today at 15% OFF For First Order!

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Why You Are to Try an Essay Online Helper

The opportunities that the Internet gives us make lots of things easier. There is no need to spend your time in libraries anymore. There are plenty of sites online that are ready to provide you with high-level professional help. There is nothing bad about college essay help these days. The volume of the material to work with becomes larger every year. On the other hand, students do not get more time to cope with every new assignment. The best way to solve such a problem is to purchase an essay from an essay writing service online. Curiously, there are a number of myths about such services.

There is no need to weep for something like “Please, somebody help me with my essay!!!” You can now solve this problem with essay writing help. Don’t be scared of high prices. It is quite possible to find a cheap way to obtain a professional/best website where you can order your essay. But there are general rules for choosing budget options. First of all, pay attention to the most reliable websites that have a good reputation among students. This will guarantee you a professionally-made result.

Most contemporary students use essays to help to make their studying more productive. Not all the subjects on your schedule are really important for your future career, as opposed to those that are crucial to the success of your future work. Think of the priority of assignments to be done and skills to be mastered. This will save your energy and time and can make the result of your studying better. Remember that no one can judge you for using essay helpers. Besides, you will have an opportunity to focus on things that really matter, instead of wasting your time doing pointless work that won’t contribute to your professional skills. If a task is really boring and useless, feel free to be a modern person who can use all the advanced ways to save some time. And don’t be afraid to try out the best ways to solve your problems!


Reasons to Attend Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings

One of the most famous Alcoholic Anonymous meetings is in New York. It is a place where people who are addicted to drinking alcohol are treated. People who are addicted to alcohol usually have to attend the meeting at least once a month. Most people who are alcoholics attend AA on a regular basis. An addiction to alcohol may result in many different problems.

What are the 12 Traditions of A.A.? | Eudaimonia Sober Living

A common misconception is that only heavy drinkers can attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. The fact is that people who are addicted to alcohol also need to attend these meetings. Moderation is accepted as around 2 drinks per week for men and just 1 drink per week for women. Some people experience adverse effect from moderate drinking as well. There are many people who attend Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings who are heavy alcohol users and they need special treatment and rehabilitation programs. The main purpose of Alcoholic Anonymous is to help alcohol addicts get the proper treatment for alcoholism AA Meeting.

The main aim of Alcoholic Anonymous is to provide support, guidance and help to people who are alcoholic and addicted to alcohol. Alcoholic Anonymous meetings provide people with a safe place to share their feelings and to get help. Through the sharing of these feelings, people begin to realize that they are not alone and they begin to open up and tell people they are having problems with their drinking habits. The aim of the organization is to provide you with the courage to quit the habit. If you would like to quit drinking, then you can attend one of the meetings that are scheduled in your area.

There are many different Alcoholic Anonymous meetings located around the world. You can find them by doing a search on the internet. There are many reasons why the organization has been successful in putting together meetings around the world. The main reason is because they have an established set of people who are willing to help each other out. They will also act as the mediator between those people who are addicted to alcohol and those who are alcoholic themselves.

Another good thing about AA is they have group meetings that are set up for people who are just beginning their recovery from alcoholism. These meetings provide people with the encouragement they need so that they can continue their recovery. They also encourage you to seek help if you are in need of it. The only way that anyone can recover from a drinking problem is by seeking the right kind of help.

When you are a recovering alcoholic, you may want to attend one of the Alcoholic Anonymous online meetings to talk to other people who are going through the same thing that you are. Alcoholism is a disease that affects people in different ways. Some people are more likely to experience physical complications than others, while others may have more emotional challenges. Through the sharing of experiences, people can better understand what it is that they are going through and how to treat it.

One thing that you will find at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting is that there are people who are in your exact situation. Whether you are trying to cope with your addiction to alcohol or you are simply trying to get in touch with your past, these meetings will be able to give you the support you need. Many people who are in recovery choose to attend these meetings because they have found the support to be one of the best parts of the recovery process.

Nobody wants to become an alcoholic. There are a lot of reasons why people start drinking and there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your life. Alcoholic Anonymous is a great way to make sure that you don’t enter a life of addiction. It’s important for you to get the treatment that you need so that you can become an alcoholic free person.


Your Manual For a Week-end in Margaret Water, Western Australia

Perth has a broadly speaking warm and dry weather, with summertime being warm and lasting from late December through late March -February is often the hottest month. Rainfall is moderate, but mostly seasonal. Perth’s economy, like therefore a number of other earth towns, is significantly tourism-dependent, with an increase of than 2 million guests per year. This has generated the economy of the Perth area getting significantly something field focused one.


Projects and Classic and Lovers Fair

The Projects and Classic Collector’s Fair in Perth, Australia is structured by the Valued Art Masterpieces which gives at the least three art shows per year during the weeks of March, September and November. That Art and Antiques and Collector’s Fair is now among the star attractions for Everywoman On Display and at the least over 300 exhibitors offer anything between special handcrafted services and products to good quality antiques while for individuals with trying to find cutting-edge ornamental posts the collection is truly tempting. Visitors coming for the middle year fair will enjoy the free access to any or all Valued Art Masterpieces and can appreciate knowing more concerning the fair and the key company overall and tourists can feel lucky to have the ability to hold house gifts from Perth. That fair advances a major chunk of the tourism actions because it draws not just the locals but also the tourists who only love to enjoy in the buying of regional extras and handcrafted items and so on Oliver Wood Perth.

Perth Style Festival

Perth Style Festival is the most substantial event that is held each year during the Spring fashion year in Perth.It’s a ten-day event.This event provides the young fashion makers with the most effective chance to showcase their talent. The Perth Style Festival reveals the creative bent of mind of the fashion makers, who produce the most effective of attempts to present their own creations.

WA Wine & Food Festival

The WA wine and Food Festival which stages a vibrant display of the best of your wine in the fair and Western Australia is noted for its renowned jubilations of wine, food and entertainment a sure phenomena towards Perth’s popularity. Being WA’s most fascinating life style occasion, it gives you with all the chance to curl up and appreciate your trips and breaks with the stock of the greatest wine and beer available primary one to a great traveling knowledge in conjunction with common regional companies and other sourced elements of entertainments also you are able to only sit back and try the area premium of the land. Combined with the countless several types of wines that the shops and the fair offers to the tourists and locals as well it’s possible to also try the most effective of the area gourmet. To acquire a experience of the greatest of different cuisines of the area the tourists can experiment with the demonstrative cuisine organized by the most celebrated cooks presenting their advantages in conjunction with the most effective wine of the WA’s fest. In another stages you get to taste and experiment with distinctive qualities of wine, beer and olive oil educative seminars. The 2005 WA Wine & Food Festival needed devote the Perth Tradition Exhibition Centre, and concurrently got its document of attracting at the least 100,000 guests to the Festival. Perth’s beloved event your wine fest goes on for nearly the entire of the month of June.

Stewart Park Audio Festival

The month of September is the growing season of Stewart Park Audio Fest in PerthC That event has achieved the peak of recognition with more than 30 live outside concert agreements including the genres of punk, folk. Tourists and tourists may also get yourself a first hand connection with the platform this event provides for audio and concerts to be organized.


Siena’s of Leederville Cafe

Siena’s of Leederville Cafe, Perth, is one of typically the most popular German household restaurants because it gives a very warm mixture of great food and pleasant surroundings. The key interest remains the unique enjoying surface for children. Parents can neglect through the big glass screen and also appreciate the foodstuff at a easygoing pace.It is an ideal mix of great affordability, good helpings, and tasty food. The selection is great along with varied and if you are looking for soups, pastas, beef dishes or pizzas Sienna, of Leederville Cafe, Perth has it all.

Seizan Japanese Cafe

Seizan Japanese Cafe is a good area for authentic Japanese cuisine in Perth, and its pleasant aspect perfectly complements the balanced life style it attempts to promote.It’s on 566 Hay Block.Start for meal from Monday-Friday. Meal is served from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.Open all seven nights. Dinner is from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. An all-Japanese group of cooks makes both contemporary and standard Japanese dishes.Enjoy their specialty Teppan-Yaki

Dreamland Karaoke Cafe Chinese

The Dreamland Karaoke Cafe Chinese, Perth has given the city a brand new start, a brand new period in the area of Karaoke entertainment. This has evolved today to be one of typically the most popular global locations where in actuality the light is remarkable, the design gorgeous, the foodstuff that gives a poke to your tastebuds and a online program that is going to collection you rolling. The staff of Dreamland Karaoke Cafe Chinese, Perth is absolutely qualified and friendly. They’ll present one to the selection and you can also appreciate among the drinks that offer to be refreshing. The staff of Dreamland Karaoke Cafe Chinese, Perth is absolutely qualified and friendly. They’ll present one to the selection and you can also appreciate among the drinks that offer to be refreshing. The Dreamland Karaoke Cafe Chinese, Perth is totally qualified and has a major space for many kinds of functions. That space can take about 80 people. Besides these there are the individual lounges as well for anyone who need to have some privacy. If you are having small parties, group operates or household gatherings the Dreamland Karaoke Cafe Chinese, Perth is the greatest fitted to all.

Sebastian’s Cafe

Sebastian’s Cafe, Perth is the greatest place to enjoy the standard German food that to in a restaurant like environment. You’ll certainly such as the relaxed atmosphere and the delicious food that is served here. The specialty may be the wood shot pizza which would make you requesting more. There is another smoking area.

Orange Goose Restaurant

With a spectacular view and top hitting food, the Orange Goose Restaurant will steal your heart. Its contemporary Australian cuisine, focusing around seafood, stresses on new and easy dining. That cafe shows a smooth blend of Mediterranean and Heart East elements with the contemporary Australian phenomenon dominating the scene. With pleasant company and relaxed atmosphere, this cafe has changed into a favorable destination for many needing an ideal meal. The cafe caters for sit back meals and drink parties, depending on the occasion. In addition they give you a wide range of cocktails, drinks and wines to perform the unique eating experience. The Orange Goose Restaurant is based on the Underwater Parade in North Cottesloe, only 20 moments from Perth city.


Just how to Select a Actual Property Organization

Selecting a real-estate organization is possibly the simple most significant choice you can make when getting or offering home in the U.K. The obtain or sale of a house is usually the largest financial deal the average person may make. Doesn’t sound right to have a able and skilled real-estate firm as your area to steer you however what can be a complicated process, equally appropriate and financial? Even though realty services are not a needed part of obtain or sale transactions, real-estate businesses may help you prevent many of the issues and obstacles associated with getting or offering your home. In this information, we’ll provide some methods for picking a real-estate revenue representative or company.

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Just how to Choose a Actual Property Organization

Even though the likelihood of experiencing issues with a real-estate deal is low, a real-estate organization may coordinate most of the aspects of the sale, including house inspection, property survey and appropriate and financial services first time buyers .A great position to start the selection process would be to question your household and friends whether they have actually used real-estate firms to get often residential true property or a commercial location. Once you’ve gotten several recommendations from people you confidence, the next phase would be to meeting representatives from the primary real-estate companies. This really is anything a lot of people don’t do. It’s inadequate to only take the phrase of the others about the actual property company. It’s also wise to make sure that you’re when you’re getting or offering real-estate you choose some body with plenty of experience in the actual property profession.

Company-Affiliated Brokers versus Independent Brokers

Another point to consider is that this can be a extremely subjective process, therefore it’s advisable to produce a listing of the characteristics you’re searching for in a real-estate organization and the brokers it employs. You may question why not only get by having an independent representative with minimum organization affiliation, because their commissions in many cases are lower. That is great, if the deal moves smoothly. If it does not, you’re probably better down with a real estate agent from a company, because you will have some option to the agent’s superiors if the deal activities problems.

Choose the Right Form of Agent

Whenever choosing a real estate agent, also be sure that he or she includes a great degree of experience with the kind of property you’re getting or selling. Specific kinds of houses may involve particular understanding, therefore do not choose a commercial or professional real-estate organization if you’re looking to buy an exclusive house in the U.K. Your real-estate investment likely to be the largest financial deal you’ll actually make. Make sure to choose a organization which will behave in your best fascination to get you perfect price.

Ian Clark is a real-estate guide and advisor in UK. He has considerable experience in every aspects of Actual Property Expense built around two decades.He’s also the Director of Midas Estates, an on line real-estate website giving property investment possibilities in UK and overseas. Midas Estates is a Actual Property Organization by having an intention to supply optimum money development for the clients as nearly all the clients are looking to secure financial protection in the smallest time possible. Ian’s sincere demonstration of the actual property investing organization, including equally gain and dangers is respectable for his truthful, honest approach. He’s highly regarded as one of the very noise, trustworthy supply for the particulars behind the occasionally challenging and exigent facets of real-estate investing.


Where to Buy Bitcoins Near Me

Looking for a 2 way Bitcoin ATM machine nearby? At Bitcoin Depot, provide 33 2 ways Bitcoin ATMs located in cities around the country so that you can purchase and sell Bitcoin near anywhere. Here is what to look for when choosing a location:

Bitcoin ATM in Oakland - 7-Eleven

Location & proximity – The location is critical. If the ATM you choose is too far away, will you even be able to use it? Is the nearest location to your office or home far enough away to justify a cost of fuel to go farther than your average gas station? How long would it take to travel to your chosen destination? Look at how far it is to any nearby places to make sure that you can realistically use your new bitcoin atm machine.

Reliability – Can the network reliably deliver your transactions? If you need to buy something using your new 2 way atms, do they get the job done each time? You want to be confident that your buy bitcoins are received and processed securely without delay Bitcoin ATM near me. Find out if you can call them and make your purchase, and if they accept one or more major credit cards.

Customer service – Can the people at the kiosks answer your questions? Does the company treat you with respect and dignity? Some people are leery of ethereal internet currencies like litecoin and thorium, while others are not as comfortable with the idea. Choose companies that have reputations for being helpful and responsive to their customer base. There are many competitors for litecoin and thorium atms, so it pays to shop around for the most profitable options.

Security – Are there measures in place to maintain security at any given time? Like with any other kind of internet money, you want to be sure that you can withdraw your money when you need to. Find out what security measures they have put in place and make sure they are compatible with your preferred bitcoin as service. Some local bitcoins offer no security at all, while other services may be forthcoming about how you can safely withdraw your funds.

Price – When looking for places to buy bitcoins, the least expensive option is likely to be a vending machine, but you should also consider what it will cost to send your transaction to the company. This includes potential fees, which could increase your price even further. The best way to find out about all these options is to look around on the market and ask each individual service provider for their opinion. Make sure you understand how they work and what it will cost to buy and use their services. Look for the price that gives you the most value for your dollar.


The Basement’s Leaking

I am a proud, self-proclaimed nomad, always looking for fresh pasture. I can pack my essentials and be on the road in under five minutes. A relative once said that it’s easy for me to be nomadic because I don’t actually own anything. But in my eyes, I possess everything that any modern-day nomad could possibly need. A St. Croix 9 1/2 foot, 6-weight fly rod, a brand-new laptop, an automobile and a GPS. Oh yea, some clothing and a few personal hygiene products. But while me and my Buick camel can easily travel to anywhere in a moment’s notice, I do have a menagerie of memories stored in the basements of my happily-divorced parents. I’ve never watched the television shows “Hoarders” or “Intervention”, but one of my family members just might, one day soon, nominate me to star on an upcoming episode of both.

Best Car Service to Dulles | IAD Airport Limo Service - DCAcar ®

Now remember, after reading this, that you’ll think to yourself, “he couldn’t have possibly made that stuff up IAD Car Service Dulles Airport.”

I gave away my Taiwanese, woman’s boobs-shaped, wooden massage tool and the replica Iranian battle axe and chain mail helmet. It certainly would be silly to have things like that just lying around for no reason. I only horde important crap, things worthy of precious storage space.

While looking for a hammer the other day, I stumbled upon my copy of an “acknowledgement of registration” from the Selective Service System. You never know, 35 years later, when your military draft status might come up during an employment interview. Along with this document, are the test results that revealed what career in which I might succeed in the near future. “You should consider ‘Truck Driver’. ” Dammit, that’s where I went wrong in life! Stupid restaurants. The results from my DAT test (Differential Aptitude Test) actually seem a little bit more on-target. Abstract Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning-in the 95 percentile. Space Relations-30%. I can figure it out myself, just don’t stand so close. That’s how I read it.

In one box of treasures are my stuffed bears that I palled around with as a child. Smokey and Jo Jo. Don’t tell ’em if you see ’em, but they look worse-off than I do after all of these years. Now the name “Smokey”, I understand. Smokey the Bear. Belt, hat, badge and everything. But Jo Jo? Inspired by Jo Jo White/ point guard for the Boston Celtics? He hadn’t even been drafted into the NBA at this point. Who knows.

There are piles and piles of Valentines Day cards from elementary school. There were no transgender cards available back then. Everyone gave everyone a card. “Be my Valentine, signed Ralph”. Not to be a homophobe there Ralph, but I’ve still got a leery eye on you, even after 45 years. As I matured, so did the cards. I kept stacks of letters and cards from the very first love of my life. And the second one. And a couple from a younger girl who kept promising me all sorts of immoral acts. Didn’t really like her, but it made for good reading. And what a romantic little shit I was as a teenager. I wrote a poem for my first love that dreamed about living in a cave in Bolivia. “Give me a blonde and a bottle of rum and everything will be alright”. Good try, but it didn’t work.

For some reason, I have several of my Mother’s grade school report cards. It was probably a leveraging/bartering tool on days that I brought home my own less-than-stellar grades from high school. A quick analysis of my college transcripts shows amazing success in chemistry and biology classes (thanks Mrs. Bauserman), but a total disinterest in elective courses such as 16th century music. Heck, in my defense, you had to WALK to the library in order to listen to the rockin’ Hans Neusidler and his no-electric-guitar orchestra.

Grandfather Knode was a Free Mason. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Grandad. Along with his embossed certificate of membership in the secretive District of Columbia chapter, I’ve kept forever his masonic apron and book of by-laws.

Grandmother Knode worked as a secretary for Senator Millard Tydings. A monogrammed wooden box that sat on his desk was given to her by the Senator as a sign of appreciation, after he left office in 1950. That wooden box now sits in my Mom’s basement and contains a recipe typed by my Aunt B. The recipe is from Grandmother Knode for “24-hour Salad”, which is now a traditional dish served annually at our family’s Thanksgiving Day meals.

Grandad Lambert worked during a period of time when a man’s word and a hand-shake meant more than any written contract ever did. A receipt that I have, hand-written in the 1940’s, was probably given to him as a monthly reminder by a local filling station; bagged ice and gasoline for the outrageous grand total of $3.10. Obvious price gouging. There are a few birthday cards from Grandad and Grandma Lambert. And several birthday cards from my Aunt Dot. On her way to family sainthood status, religiously every year, Aunt Dot would send birthday cards, each containing a five dollar bill, to me, my two sisters and our 23 cousins. Each and every year, no matter where you were living. “How did she even know that I was in Savannah for three months this year?” Even if you didn’t remember that it was your birthday, you did after you had checked your mailbox.

There’s an issue of The Weekly World News, the now defunct, mostly fictional news tabloid publication which I always found so humorous. My live-in girlfriend at the time had out-nomad-ed me by moving out of our home while I was away at work. She later dropped off this edition as some sort of strange peace offering, knowing that I found the sarcasm very funny. “Redneck Aliens Takeover Trailer Park” The picture of a husband and wife, who had witnessed the invasion, was stoically captioned as saying “There goes the neighborhood”. I think the giving of this gift had a double-sarcastic message behind it. She was good at that.

Fishing was always a big part of my life and the basements are speckled with all sorts of fishing relics. A 40 year-old automatic fly reel that came mounted on my very first fly rod is still armed with the original fly line, forever cured with water from the Shenandoah. There’s an antique wicker creel basket given to me by Neil Armstrong. Not the astronaut, silly. The UPS delivery driver who was a bar buddy of mine years ago up at The Boston Beanery. His uncle had passed away and literally gave him the farm. Discovered out in the barn were three antique bamboo fly rods. “Well Neil, those are all Montague rods, ya might want to check on their value.” A couple of weeks and a couple of thousands of dollars later, I received that creel basket as referral commission. Safely secured in a ceiling rack built by my Dad are another half dozen or so fly rods. Because, you know, you can never have too many fishing rods.

If your phone number was (704) 637-4293 and you’re missing the rotary dial off of your telephone, I have it. Give me a call.

I once was almost a father, but he died in womb. Tucked away in a box in the corner of the basement is a picture of Andrew, that was suppose to help with the grieving process. It doesn’t work. The picture lies atop a couple of self-help books given as gifts, one of which is titled “The Expectant Father”. Wish I had, but I never took the time to read those books.

My one younger sister had some serious home-sickness during her first summer camp experience. A letter that she had sent from camp, addressed to me and my other sister, was written on the second day at Camp Strawderman. The now empty letter once contained a single stick of chewing gum. The letter read, “The gum is for Robin and Mary”.

I wonder if I ever paid this parking ticket from Dulles airport. I had left my car unattended for two minutes near the airport’s front doors, as I helped my Bulgarian buddy Lucy with her luggage, in a hurried attempt to catch her 6 A.M. flight back home. I guess that since I’m holding the ticket, that’s not a good sign. Wasn’t my car no how.

So an ex-wife came yapping around my house one day, accusing my of possessing a set of fine china that we had received as a wedding present. I whole-heartedly denied any knowledge of the flowered pattern of plates and coffee cups, knowing dammed well the definition of a fifty/fifty split. She gets a hundred percent and I get zero. One afternoon, years later, I’m looking for something ‘really’ important in my small mountain of memorabilia, when I came across box after box stuffed with old newspapers. The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star to be exact. Well, thanks funny, I used to live in Fredericksburg back when I was married. Whoops. I’d give that china set away for free, but it seems to make the food taste sour. (But a little revenge tastes sweet) So in the basement it sits.

Before the days that OCD and ADD were invented, my childhood friend Stan and myself would spend hours playing with my electric football game. For the unknowledgeable, electric football sets were a small, metal playing field caused to vibrate by an electric motor, which created movement of the little, plastic figurines of football players. It was very loud and a lot of fun for a young boy. But being overly competitive, even at a young age, Stan and I took it to a whole new level of intensity. I have the spiral notebooks, filled with the plays and formations, that we hand-wrote and developed over time; we even kept detailed statistics of the games. The spiral notebooks, the still-functioning playing field and six plastic bags full of little players wearing their official NFL team colors, are resting comfortably in the basement, next to Coach Lee’s new football playbook handouts that we received once a week before math class in my Senior year of high school.

There’s the yellow lucky rabbit’s foot that I wore on my Little League uniform’s belt loop. Several engraved leather bracelets and a St. Christopher’s necklace. A Happy Turkey Day card, the turkey picture created with the tiny, water-color stained left hand of my Goddaughter Rachel. An 8mm copy of “I am a Teenage Werewolf”. I must have misplaced the one with Mr. Magoo.


Just how to Clear Your LCD TV monitor

When you appear at a hotel, the chances are that you’ve never been there before, so you are new to the format of the motel. Now this can be a issue of the past. With the usage of LCD advertising monitors this dilemma is gone.

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In the immediate region round the sign in desk, LCD advertising monitors may be located; these may be used to direct guests to the proper areas throughout the hotel, ensuring the proper organization arrives at the proper space due to their meeting.

LCD advertising monitors may be implemented near and in elevators, so customers in the pulls know that they are going in the proper direction. In this manner it makes the hotel simpler to steer and guests enjoy every thing you can do to produce their keep less tense Autel IM608 .

ePorter alternatives may be used to direct visitors to the automobile park along with notifying leading desk staff of making guests, great if there is a fire, as staff may identify every visitor and staff to ensure most people are accounted for.

Through the entire hotel, these LCD advertising monitors may increase the guests visit by giving SMS messages of unique offers with their cell phones. This kind of advertising is closely linked to searching centers were each store is after recording each customer to get that sale.

On any visit to a motel for the future can see your mobile phone being sent or messaged with offers from the restaurant for the very first night of your stay. Proper you get to the lodge you will ready to check in utilizing an fun kiosk, then collect your critical card from the kiosk and get straight up to your room. Proper you keep you are able to have a look at utilizing your cell.