Circuit of the Brilliant and Very Efficient!

From Lancaster
In England
To Lancaster
In New York,
Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Situated on the River Lune
Constituent Settlement of
Wider City of Lancaster
Commercial, cultural, educational centre
With city status grant of 1937
Ancient Settlement, dominated by Lancaster Castle
Lancaster, Loncastre
To mean Roman fort on the River of Lune
Lancaster, the hanging Town
Lancaster of the red rose
Home to European headquarters of Reebok
Producer of the Bay
Largest ratio station in North Lancashire
And South Cumbria and
Newspapers called The Lancaster Guardian and the Visitor
Lancaster, New York
Town in Erie County
Formed from Town of Clarence
Home to Lancaster High School
And events, Fourth of July William M. Webster IV Parade
And the Taste of Lancaster
England`s Lancaster
And New York`s Lancaster.

From Webster
In New York
To Webster City
In Lowa,
Webster town, New York
Town, northeast corner of Monroe County
Named after Orator and Statesman
Daniel Webster
Webster town, `Where life is worth Living`
Fastest-growing Rochester Suburb
Bordered on north by Lake Ontario
East by Wayne County
West by Irondequoit Bay
South by the Town of Penfield
Webster, Number One Sportstown in New York
Promoter of annual Webster Lakefront Classic
Of the Webster Soccer association
Home to notable people
Paul Bauchheit, lead developer of gmail
Originator of Google motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil`
And Edward Tsang Lu
The Space Shuttle astronaut
And Wendy O. Williams, the last lead Singer
Of The Plasmatics
Webster City, Lowa
City in Hamilton County
County seat of Hamilton County
Land for large plant of Electrolux
My washing machine expert
Breeding land for Jennifer Barringer
Olympics distance runner
And Abasteria St. Leger Eberie
My beautiful Sculpor

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