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Custom Tiled Showers

Showers can be found in almost every home in the US. They are usually either cubicle in appearance or the “tub shower” variety, which require you to climb over the bath lip in order to get into the shower. However, there are many reasons why someone might choose to have a different type of shower. For instance, the elderly and people with injuries may find it difficult to step over bath tub walls or stand while in the shower and may prefer something more accessible, while other individuals may simply prefer larger showers. Whether the remodel is for aesthetic or practical reasons, there are many options for improving your shower.

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Renovating showers to fit the needs of each individual household has become increasingly popular. There are many designs as well as accessories that can be fitted to a shower to increase comfort and appearance. One design option that is both functional and beautiful is the use of tiles.

Shower Additions

Concrete additions can be made to enlarge shower walls and create seating areas which can be easily sprayed down to clean. Tiles can then be installed to uniformly cover the space, creating a large shower that is more accessible and still pleasing to eye.

Tiled showers allow for flexibility; with tile, it is easy to incorporate other features such as niches, windows, multiple shower heads, and even steam units. Other waterproof wall coverings can be expensive, but tile is available in a range of prices. Good quality tile may actually be less expensive than competing surfaces.


Tiled showers look very sophisticated with their earthy tones and natural gleam. Designs can accentuate corners or highlight a focal point through a mosaic or pattern. There are many options for design where tiles are concerned. You can use many small tiles in a mosaic pattern, or very large cuts of natural stone.

Mosaic tiles last a long time and are great for households with children. Bright colors especially can make the room pop. For a more dramatic and elegant appearance, try a combination of mosaic tiles and natural stone.

Go ahead and indulge yourself with a beautiful new bathroom. Once you start looking at tile options, you will be amazed by the wide variety of colors and styles available. Your new bathroom will not only look inviting; it will be your own personal oasis. You may never want to get out of the shower!

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