How To Install A High Quality Car Stereo In Your Vehicle Yourself

So you want a new car stereo system, do you? Maybe the thing that has been holding you back is the expense of having it installed. Well, you know you don’t have to be a teenager to be able to install it yourself! It really isn’t all that difficult if you have the right parts and instruction. In addition to saving money you get the satisfaction that you did it yourself and it is a great learning experience.

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The first caveat I must give you is to slow down. Do not get in a hurry and try to shove something in where it doesn’t go. The majority of car stereo systems are simple to install and usually have matching male-female connectors that only work one way to make it easy. Take your time so you don’t ruin the hardware you have bought and paid for Autel Maxisys MS909.

First off before you decide whether or not to install it yourself you need to consider what kind of system you are going to install in your car. If this is your first install you want to stay away from anything that is too complicated. If you are planning a system with TVs, LCD panels, and other more sophisticated items you would be better off leaving that to the pros.

If you are going with just a normal stereo with a head unit and speakers you can definitely do it yourself. Head units are really simple and thank God most of them follow the DIN size standards. You will recognize that in many cases that after you have removed the factory installed radio an aftermarket system will easily go in the same place with little or no adjustment.

If you have an import vehicle from Japan you will likely be using ISO mounting during
the install process which is when the radio is screwed to the already existing factory radio brackets. Another way of mounting is called ring mounting which is the mounting kit that comes with an aftermarket radio to mount into the hole left by the factory radio. Sometimes trim and dash rings have to be filled in around the radio or they made need to be trimmed to make the stereo fit properly. Most places have kits that make this simple and you should go ahead and get a head removal tool as well to make that process painless.

The speakers are usually very simple to install. In most cases you will just use a set of speakers that fit into the same place as did the factory speakers just be sure that there are no unsightly holes or gaps afterwards. In many cases the simple act of building a fiberglass or wood baffle can eliminate this problem and give you a much better sound.

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