How to Prepare Yourself for MBA Entrance Exam in India

Every year, nearly 1.5 lakh students appear for MBA entrance exams in India. The preparation method for this important exam varies greatly, depending on the candidate, his/her personal education and work experience level, as well as the current exam scenario. The aspirants to MBA in India have different profiles and can be broadly categorized into three levels: beginners, advanced and professionals. Naturally, CAT 2012, which is going to be conducted in between Oct-Nov2012, will also have candidates from these three groups.

Obviously, the preparation for MBA entrance exams in India cannot have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The preparation for CAT will vary based on the three groups mentioned above. Let us see how each candidate can prepare for this examination:

1. Beginner level candidate– The beginner candidate could be a fresh-out-of-college grad, or in his/her final college year. He/ she would have to start by understanding the basics of the CAT pattern and may need to opt for a full time course that will enable him/her to prepare completely and satisfactorily for the MBA in India entrance examination.

2. Advanced level candidates– These are the students who have already appeared for CAT before and are fully aware of its pattern etc. They simply need to appear for mock tests, revise and analyze their preparation CMAT Coaching in Dehradun.

3. The working candidate-The working candidate may be employed full time and does not get time for meticulous preparation and planning for CAT. Yet, with a systematic and scientific approach, he/she can prepare and plan for the exam without affecting his/her work.

There are many CAT coaching Institutes in Delhi that can help each of these candidates prepare well for the entrance exam. Many of the top Institutes offer classroom learning as well as online courses to cater to the diverse needs of the candidates. These classes also conduct mock tests that can help candidates understand the CAT pattern. It is essential that the students check out the facilities offered by these Institutes including analysis and teaching methodology, coaching techniques and infrastructure offered.

Naturally, busy working professionals and advanced candidates may also opt for the self-study methods for preparation for the MBA entrance exams in India. Naturally, it is very important to know the pattern of CAT and also equip oneself with the right study material and guidebooks in order to be successful.

Online coaching classes are also gaining popularity as far as MBA in India is concerned. The advantage of online coaching is that candidates can be made aware of changes in exam patterns and can also appear for mock tests from the comforts of one’s home. Not only are the mock tests held online, even coaching can be conducted through the online platform.

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