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Induction Sealer Suppliers Available Online

Sealing off a bottle or a container to prolong the shelf life and the quality of the product inside it is a common industrial practice and a part of industrial ethics. There are many factories that function as induction sealer suppliers, to give a final packaging to your product by sealing it off, investing upon it the privilege to be opened only by the consumer.

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Induction sealing is the process whereby a bottle fitted with a plastic closure and aluminum foil liner, is caused to heat up and weld itself across the container neck. This happens when the bottle is placed underneath an induction sealing machine that transmits electromagnetic energy which is received by the aluminum foil liner. This causes heating and welding of the foil across the neck of the bottle.

This sealing of the container is beneficial for the contents of the bottle in several ways. First of all, it prevents leakage, especially if the product tis a liquid, and also helps evaporation if the fluid inside volatile. This also helps in tamper protection. And generally, sealing helps in improving the shelf life of the product by providing barrier and airtight properties to the container. Finally, the product looks packaged in the true sense, thus allowing for improved customer perception and acceptance induction heating machine.

There are various steps involved in the sealing process: At first, the bottle is filled. The next stage involves applying the aluminium foil seal. The capped bottle is then passed under the induction sealing machine. This causes the induction seal liner in the cap to heat up and bond to the container neck, wrapping itself around it, thereby sealing off the container. When the bottle is opened later for consumption, the aluminum foil liner is released from the cap and left in place across the neck of the bottle. If you need to contact the induction sealer suppliers, you can do so online as well, since there are many professionals who have their services available, as advertised on their websites.

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