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Being a woman is not a limitation; rather it is an opportunity to live as a man with a womb! It is a calling to do all that men can do and even more, it is living with audacity, much of it! Every woman is pregnant with possibilities and can give birth to potentials that will transform lives and impact nations!

Ever thought of you or seen yourself in the limelight of prominence and huge success? If you have once painted this picture in your mind, you will agree with me that it doesn’t take much to be a huge success; just a little out of the ordinary every day stuff irish independent.

We have women who have enhanced their capacities for development and contributed to the growth of countries. One of such women with refined reputation and high prestige is Obiageli Ezekwesili. This powerful and influential woman holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; she is a Nigerian Chartered Accountant and one of those who have brought positive transformation to the world at large.

With the University of Lagos Masters’ Degree in International Law and Diplomacy and another of Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Oby is a master of excellence and influence. She is a woman to learn from if you want to truly stand out.

Obiageli Ezekwesili is an exceptionally gifted woman with praiseworthy accomplishments. She first worked with Deloitte & Touche as a consultant. While there she handled the audit of the organization, controlled affairs of business and was vitally involved in other financial services of the organization. She is so transparent a person that she co-founded the worldwide anti-corruption group called Transparency international. For five years, she served in the position of a Director for this Berlin, Germany based group.

Oby is not afraid of work, she proved this when she went to work with Professor Jefferey Sachs at the Center for International Development at Harvard. She worked as Director of The Harvard-Nigeria Economic Strategy Program. Though fully engaged and busy yet she had the interest of her country at heart and served as an aide to the first President of Nigerian Fourth Republic, President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In the course of time, she was formally chosen for a job in the Presidency. She accepted the position of the Senior Assistant to the President of Nigeria on Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence. While serving in this capacity, she acted as a leader of many institutional reforms. She achieved this through the act of establishing due process mechanism and strategies. The great work she did at this position earned her the nickname, Madam Due Process. She competently led a team of other experts and ensured that public procurement legislation, the NEITI legislation and the new Minerals and Mining legislation were appropriately carried out.

This noble woman who is married to Pastor Chinedu Ezekwesili served as the Minister for Solid Minerals, now Mines and Steel Development for twelve months. She initiated a workable reorganization and improvement program that helped Nigeria to become a recognized and credible mining investment destination. She stopped at nothing to make a success and effect national transformation; she equally headed the Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. She showcased her transparency further by directing the first ever national implementation of the universal ideals and ethics of transparency in the oil, gas and mining sector.

This mother of three refused any limitation. She took up the challenge of heading Nigeria’s most sensitive ministry, the Federal Ministry of Education. She served as the Honorable Minister of the Federal Ministry of Education for ten wonderful months. As the Education Minister, she changed the basic structure of the ministry to concentrate mainly on the attainment of education for all. She went beyond set targets to enhance the Millennium Development Goals in education.

Service delivery in the Nigerian Education sector cannot be talked about without mentioning this honorable woman. She initiated modern educational standards like the Public-Private Partnership models for education service delivery. She brought about significant changes that improved the Federal Inspectorate Service. This positive-minded leader brought transparency and accountability mechanisms for better governance of the budget to the mind of the public.

Mrs. Ezekwesili is really a personality to learn from; the establishment of the Innovation & Vocational Enterprise Institutions initiatives is to her credit. These initiatives which focus on the development of skills for economic competitiveness have given many the competitive advantages needed for greater achievements. She is really a leading light; her influence is quite amazing. She extended her sphere of influence to the Nigerian Stock Exchange and got them to partner with her in the launch of Adopt-A-School program which fosters love for all humanity by corporations, community groups and individuals.

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