Is AVIA Maqui Berry Supplement the New Standard For Anti Aging?

Is aging a disease? The word “aging” brings to mind images of elderly and sickly people. While these notions have been imprinted on us based on what we see daily all around us, it is not an accurate perception of this natural process of life.

All of us go through the aging process right from the very moment we are formed in our mothers’ womb. So, aging is not about how old we are but about how fast we are aging.

The anti aging physicians describing aging as a disease; which is preventable, treatable and to some extent, reversible. These experts believe that the biological aging process may not be in synchrony with the chronological age of a person.

In other words, their biological age can be more advanced than the actual age based on their date of birth (chronological age). For example, a 50 year old man (chronological age) can Mellitox enjoy the mental and physical youthfulness of a 25 year old (biological age) through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have led physicians around the world to understand aging as a disease process which can be treated and no longer an inevitable event of life.

A very good recommendation for treating anti aging is the latest AVIA health supplement, formulated by a Harvard Medical Doctor and board certified in anti-aging medicine – Dr Kenneth Kroll (Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Synaura International). AVIA (aye vee aye) pronounced like the word “aviation” is a liquid supplement created around a special super berry called the Maqui Berry. AVIA is a delicious maqui supplement whose ingredients have been shown results in reducing inflammation and oxidation, slow the aging process and even help with weight loss.

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