Public Relations for Big Game Hunters

Many people do not like big-game hunters because they kill what they call innocent animals. However, these wild animals would not think twice about killing a human if they were in the way or threatened them. Whereas, some people think that all big-game hunters are bad they might want to consider that overpopulation of big-game can also cause problems, because if the herds get too big they need more room and can choke off other animals and species of plants out of existence big gaming.

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Although big-game hunters do not often speak up for themselves perhaps they should. Many of the big-game hunters to eat the animals that they kill and therefore the animal is not wasted. Big game hunters and hunting clubs do need better public relations to alleviate some of the problems from the environmental groups and animal rights activists groups out there.

In fact, some animal rights activist groups are literally environmental eco-terrorists and this is quite serious. As long as big game hunters do not overdo it, then big-game hunting should be better understood and promoted as a positive thing for the environment rather than a negative thing.

Just because you see a giant Moosehead is at a big ski lodge does not mean that that animal was killed in vain or wasted. In fact if the Moosehead is in the ski lodge it is showing an appreciation for nature and not necessarily a trophy for the person who shot it.

There certainly are some big-game hunters that have probably abused their privilege, however for the most part big-game hunters are somewhat environmentalists themselves. Please consider all this in 2006.

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