Senko Worm Tactics

Gary Yamamoto really broke the mold when he invented the Senko Worm. It is brilliant bait and it is widely used. But are we using the Senko to its fullest ability?

There are fundamental tactics that, to me, are key when fishing the Senko Worm. Oh yes, there are many proven ways to fish the Worm, like ‘dead sticking’ or ‘wacky worming’ to name a few. All will work in fooling old Bucket and Smallmouth, but consider what a smaller hook andĀ finessingĀ the Senko worm can steel bite pro accomplish! I personally think that’s what it was meant to do. It works so well because it mesmerizes the Bass into submission with its unique patented action on its own, there is no need for jerking the rod to give it life. All the Senko Worm needs is for you to strategically place it out there and watch it work!

I rig my Senko Worm Texas with a 3/0 Owner wide gap ‘rigging’ hook with the point imbedded into the Worm. I think that “fussy” Bass will take their first bite and feel what they think is ‘fresh meat’, not steel and the next ‘chomp’ is the stinger! When they aren’t fussy though, the 3/0 Owner will hook them just the same. It has been proven over and over in my endeavors. The other advantage to a smaller hook is longer fall time, which is essential to Bass wanting to engulf the Senko Worm. The alluring fall of the Senko is what attracts the Bass’s attention. This is where Senko Worm tactics or the ABC’s, if you will, come in to play.

In order for the Senko to do its thing it requires slack line. That is the most important part of its ability to fool Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. When casting the Senko worm, I try to cast it over hand, giving it an arch shape of line so that when it hits the water it automatically has the slack it needs for the fall. If I am not able to cast over hand then I give it ample line as soon as it meets the water surface. By using Power Pro braided line with this combo one only has to watch their line for detection of Bass. When they take the bait, reel in the slack and set the hook hard!

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