WoW Gold Tips – Top 10 Tips For Buying WoW Gold

Are you in dire need of gold to finish your quest? Are you getting bored and do not want to collect gold by venturing through the widespread war-worn world of Azeroth to get your epic mount? Stop worrying. There are umpteen WoW gold sellers online to assist you in your quest. But amidst genuine vendors, beware of WoW gold sellers waiting to deceive you and exploit your innocence in this process of buying WoW gold.

Here are a few tips that can guide you through the process of your WoW gold purchase that you are planning to make to finish your quest…

1. Check out the track record of the WoW gold seller online. Read reviews of different sellers and choose the one who has more positive reviews. Word of mouth from your friends and relatives can also assist you in this regard. Don’t get deceived by 100% positive reviews associated with a particular gold seller online. This might be put up to delude you Buy Stripe Accounts.

2. Get to know the Blizzard’s terms and conditions in the WoW gold buy transaction. The Blizzard can interrupt, seize and delay the process. So read the terms and conditions posted and then place your order for WoW gold.

3. Ensure that the WoW gold seller has a genuine contact address and phone number. You should be able to call them or go in person to meet them if there is an issue during the transaction.

4. Check out the online support offered by the WoW gold seller on all the 24 hours during the 7 days of the week. This is very much essential for you to get back to the quest as soon as you receive the gold that you need.

5. Genuine WoW gold sellers make it a point to verify the buyer. A few even send emails or call you over the phone for verification. Ensure that the WoW gold seller whom you contact follows this process.

6. Don’t ever give your account login name and password to any WoW gold seller. That information is not at all required for this transaction. Generally you are required to choose the server name, the amount of gold you would need and your character name for buying WoW gold.

7. Try to make use of Paypal or any other reliable credit card company for they help you in preventing fraud online.

8. To verify the genuineness of your WoW gold seller, place your first order for a very low quantity of gold (say 400 gold). If your first transaction is smooth choose the same vendor for your further WoW gold purchases.

9. Surf through the Internet and be aware of the cheapest available WoW gold prices. Compare that with that of the price that your WoW gold seller has offered. A comparison chart of WoW gold prices along with the sellers is available online. Make use of the chart. This would help you in getting WoW gold at very cheap rates.

10. Beware of the policies of the WoW gold seller. Get to know their policy regarding refunds. This would be very helpful for you in case you face a problem in the transaction.

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