Smartphone Applications – Business Mobile Apps and Just How To Use Them

When you’re looking to stay connected to the world around you, Smartphones have really become a necessary tool. Mobiles went from merely being a way to communicate via calling and texting to offering much more. Today, you are able to use them for entertainment, audio storage, as well as video calls. The App Store and Google’s Android Market enable you to download a wide range of different applications which will help to make your life easier. Organisations can even produce smartphone apps to help their business prosper.

Given that more and more people use their phones to connect with their friends and relations via social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook, companies are taking the exact same approach to keep in touch with their staff members and customers. It doesn’t just help to make their job simpler, but it also lets their workers stay informed about what is going on at work 相親香港.

Mobile Website Development Leads To Mobile App Development

Mobile web sites have been in existence since the beginning of Smartphone use. These sites are built to make it easier to get around the site from a smaller touch screen mobile device. Many companies which offer mobile websites have in addition begun to create mobile apps 相親. These apps are easy to download, and they let you use simple one touch features including one-touch calling and mapping capabilities speed dating hong kong.

So Why Should Companies Use Apps?

There are actually lots of reasons that organisations have ventured into mobile apps. The main thing to think about is the fact that these types of apps can help make running a company faster and easier. If companies have mobile apps, their clients are able to use them as an added benefit. Mobile banking is among the best examples which can be given on the subject of mobile apps. Mobile banking delivers features such as mobile bill payment, cash transfer capabilities and account balance information. When given the choice between a financial institution which provides mobile banking, and one that does not, it isn’t a hard decision.

Mobile Apps For Employee Use

Yet another excellent reason for businesses to develop apps for mobile phones is for their personnel. A lot of companies take advantage of these kinds of applications in order to keep their personnel up-to-date with new company guidelines and projects. Many mobile apps can not just help to improve the efficiency of employees, but may in addition help the management teams keep things organised. Smartphone apps could also be used to help organise scheduling.

Companies also have the option of creating their own smartphone apps store, similar to the Apple App Store or Android Market. This allows them to distribute the applications which are developed for their company to their worker’s smart phones automatically. Apps within these types of platforms are usually used exclusively for a particular business. This not only adds a competitive advantage to the organisation, it can also help decrease the staff turnover within the company.

Bring Your Own Device Benefits

There’s a degree of inconvenience for many people who have to have two mobile phones – for both business and personal use. This is the reason many businesses permit their personnel to bring their own smart phones. This allows them to get the same benefits from company specific mobile apps, but have them delivered to their personal mobile device instead of being required to carry two smartphones.


Is Turmeric and CBD Oil Good For You?

The CBD craze about the globe has exploded and being liked by millions and the top 1% are trying to use their cash and also power to reject the already been oppressed compound. The late 1800’s very early 1900’s it was at the center of many cure-all mixtures up until the advancement of modern regulated, as well as exclusively monetized Pharmaceuticals. best cbd oil for dogs with arthritis

Simply before the all new CBD change there has actually been other plant based compounds with many comparable wellness association’s being checked off for its efficiency by leading Medical Scientists.

Maybe you have listened to tales concerning Turmeric and also it’s phytochemical “curcuminoids” as a growing number of research studies as well as testimonials are disclosed.

Top 13 Increased Benefits Of Turmeric And CBD Together

  1. When taken together, CBD oil and turmeric supply an effective comfort from pain relief. Turmeric extract is rarely taken as a pain-killer on its own because until recent times, newest turmeric research can compare it to Ibuprofen. Turmeric has actually been found it in-fact has some excellent all-natural pain relieving properties.
  2. When integrated with CBD which is a great chronic pain relief, the cannabinoids improve its impact, turmeric curcuminoids end up being a great anti-inflammatory pain reliever.
  3. On skin, turmeric extract as well as CBD oil can work great on acne. While turmeric extract kills germs as well as fungus, CBD oil helps to control sebum manufacturing and both fight inflammation.
  4. Because both items are additionally really soothing, they work wonderful on other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. As an included benefit, CBD oil makes turmeric extract a great deal simpler to apply on skin.
  5. CBD oil and also Turmeric can also be made use of to offer alleviation for people experiencing skin cancer cells. The resulting lotion is calming and can absolutely relieve itching, scent and discomfort.
  6. Taken with each other, turmeric and also CBD oil aid to reduced blood pressure significantly.
  7. Turmeric extract and also CBD have both been revealed to assist battle many cancers.
  8. Combine them together and you obtain an effective mix that can be considered effective in stopping cancer cells.
  9. As scientists start discussing inflammation as a prospective reason for clinical depression, blending an anti-inflammatory material with neural restorative properties it is understood for its antidepressant, which makes the resulting product terrific at combating clinical depression naturally.
  10. CBD oil and turmeric taken with each other is an excellent immunity-booster due to its anti-inflammatory homes.
  11. For anybody with digestion issues, combining turmeric and also CBD is a wonderful method to alleviate your digestion as well as save yourself some pain.
  12. They complement each other and offer relief from discomfort and pain.
  13. Taking CBD with turmeric can lower your cholesterol, assisting you prevent heart problems.

What Makes CBD Oil and Turmeric a Powerful Supplement

The Most Prominent Fact in making a marital relationship with Turmeric as well as CBD oil utilizing a Uniting Agent that has the focus of making it both offered right into your body, but likewise the activity Or Reach to more locations, is the Priest being from a substance in black pepper.

With a legitimate supplement a collection of sophisticated extractions are executed to deliver boosted pureness of the specific chemical compounds from each plant having a greater degree of nutrients that have the significant wellness effect.

Integrated Cannabinoids, Curcuminoids and also Bioperine is a Trinity that pushes each other to their optimal impact. A reputable supply like discovered from this Turmeric and CBD Oil Review you can expect to it to fulfill what it promises, as like what you see from a business like Prosper Wellness who will certainly offer their supplement with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Soccer TV Apps – Tap Into The Excitement Of Live Soccer TV

Get a free Virtual Credit Card with the links below to instantly sign up for live soccer TV  Banh Mi Live. First, download the app and open the app on your smartphone or tablet. Next, tap your preferred channel and view your favorite team’s schedule on your screen.

Barcelona - Learn How to Watch Champions League Games for Free on Mobile -

Third, subscribe with your credit card to gain access to live soccer TV app. To do this, just go to the app’s main page and look at the top right corner where it says” subscriptions” or something to that effect. Tap on Live Soccer TV subscription then view your preferred channel. A list of live matches will appear and you can choose the one you like.

Fourth, sign up with your email address. To do this, go to your email account and look for the application. Once you have installed it, you can sign in anytime. You can sign out from any platform and refresh your email to confirm your subscription. Subscribers can also change their preferences anytime they want.

Fifth, use the android phone as a remote. The best way is to use your android smartphone as your remote. You can easily control your favorite live soccer TV program on any channel. With the help of this remote, you can change your channel, switch from one game to another or even pause and rewind the game. Some of these apps also allow you to watch live soccer TV on the go.

Sixth, android devices support web-based applications that can be accessed through your android browser. These web-based programs are supported by most browsers such as: android Opera, Firefox, Safari and many more. To access live streaming TV on your android device, just go to a website that supports web-based applications and stream the live soccer TV show to your television screen.

Seventh, iPhone users have access to live soccer TV app since the version for the iPod was discontinued. Apple is highly creative and has listened to the demands of its user base. In this regard, they introduced a web-based TV app for the iPhone which enables fans to watch live sport interactive LCD televisions from anywhere in the world. If you have an iPhone and are fond of watching live matches, download the live soccer TV app today and enjoy your favorite matches live in the comforts of your home.

Finally, you can now enjoy live sport interactive LCD televisions through the iPhone’s multi-touch feature. These multi-touch function iPhones are made available for only a small fee but will offer you greater flexibility in using them. You can browse the Internet and check the latest scores of any given game, view photos and videos of any given game, listen to live sport radio, and take advantage of other iPhone applications such as: social networking apps, games, and many more. There are even more exciting apps waiting for you to discover. You can now find the best live soccer TV apps and experience a complete entertainment experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your free iPhone app today. You can get access to live stats and news of every major league club league soccer league including the English Premier League, La Premi stadium. You can also tap into the live scores of the biggest tournaments like the World Cup and Champions League.


Online Betting Sites – Become Rich Betting On Professional Sports

Online betting sites are becoming increasing popular day by day. Many people are catching on to how easy it is to earn a stable income betting on sports games daily. The nhl season, big 12 tournament, and bet365 group limited are some of the great earning potentials betting on sports. A great professional sports handicapper will also do you wonders. The best part about online sportsbetting is that you can do it right in the comfort of your own home. You can even do it as a full-time job once you find a great sports handicapper. Having the right sports handicapper that can guarantee you 82% or better return on your investment is something that you must find to be successful in the online world of sports betting. You need someone that can dedicate at least 10 hours a day analyzing all the special angles, trends, and weather conditions that go into each game to give you the best overall pick possible.

Online betting Images, Royalty-free Stock Online betting Photos & Pictures  | Depositphotos

Having this type of professional handicapper will get you a long way. So what exactly do you look for in a professional handicapper?

1. One that is faithful and does not try to rip you off. Look for ones that only charge a flat fee per month of $50.00 or less and also have no hidden costs ไฮไลท์บอลวันนี้.

2. Look for a handicapper that will give you a 100% refund on your money if you have a losing month. What an incredible offer! It is a win win situation for both you and the professional handicapper. There is only a few sports handicappers out there that offer this type of service. They are out there trust me, with a little research you can find one! I found one that I have been with for 9 months now and I have never received a refund and I have had nothing but winning months after months.

On top of these 2 things, you need to find a professional handicapper that will win you 82% or better on every single game no matter what sport it is. I have made over $100,000 per year through my professional sports handicappers picks and it has allowed me to quit my day job, buy a new house, a new car, start a savings plan, and pay my daughter’s way into college. It also has given me enough free time now where I can spend with my family and not waste my whole life away in a small little cubicle. The most important thing by far is the amount of income I am constantly earning through online wagering all from the comfort of my own home. It can be 3 am or 3 pm and I am always constantly able to wager. I choose my favorite sportsbook and cashing out has never been so easy. When I cash out my money it goes directly into my bank account within 3 days. It is an incredible feeling to earn such a large amount of income through sports betting! Good Luck!


Cannabis, Skunk Addiction – Effects and Withdrawal

Skunk (high-potency marijuana) addicts and drug dealers will tell you that there is no such thing as cannabis or skunk addiction. However the drug addict needs the drug and the drug dealer needs to keep selling his poisons. Of course they will sell you the lie that it is not addictive. Delta 8

Since Marijuana first made its debut in the 60’s and 70’s the debate has been whether it is addictive or not. Does it ruin lives like other drugs and alcohol? Britain just reclassified it to a Class B drug meaning not as bad as heroin but worse than tranquilizers, as seen by the eyes of the Britain’s Home Office.

In this decade, here in England, people are going into residential rehab for help with cannabis abuse. The cannabis and skunk being smoked in Britain today is not the weed used in the 70’s at peace rallies. This is something very high grade and completely different. In Britain people are quickly becoming addicted as a typical user smokes several splifs a day. The dangers are being ignored but here they are:

Some Scary Marijuana Facts:
Marijuana stays in the body for years and is slowly broken down by the body while in the blood system. Usually taking about 30 days. Because of this slow breakdown of cannabinols, the oily toxins in marijuana many users can go a week or so without smoking. Due to the fat soluble qualities of these cannabinols, marijuana residues store in the body fat and in the organs such as the brain, sex glands (testicles & ovaries), spleen, liver and lungs . These toxins create chemical imbalances, nutrient depletion and cravings for the drug years later.

Long-Term Effects from Users

  • reduction of male sex hormones
  • apathy, drowsiness, lack of motivation
  • reduced sexual capacity
  • study difficulties – reduced ability to learn and retain information
  • personality and mood changes
  • suppression of immune system
  • growth disorders
  • rapid destruction of lung fibers and lesions to the brain
  • increase of abnormally structured cells in body
  • inability to understand things clearly
  • reduced resistance to common illnesses (cold, bronchitis…)

Cannabis Withdrawal
Marijuana withdrawal can be difficult. There are about 400 chemicals present in its most natural state. These toxins accumulate in the body over the years. When you stop marijuana use there are definite withdrawal symptoms. These can include irritability, stomach pain, aggression and anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia, nightsweats and cravings. I recently spoke to a fellow who after 3 weeks without smoking was still experiencing crippling withdrawal. He called me in a panic because he never expected any withdrawal at all and this was 3 weeks after stopping.

Like it or not, statistics in Britain show that most heavy drug users get hooked on cocaine, heroin and amphetamines by starting with marijuana. Like it or not, Marijuana is addictive.

A Story of One Person’s Success after Drug-Free Rehab

“When I came to NN in the beginning I had no idea how to live happily without drugs or alcohol. I knew if I didn’t get help I would soon die from the effects that drugs and alcohol had on me. As the program progressed I began to have hope that there was something better in life than I was allowing myself to be a part of. Eventually I began to find what really makes me who I am; something I had neglected for years. I can now see the reality of situations and can be honest not only with others, but with myself. I understand and communicate better than I ever have before which has strengthened relationships with family and friends. I’m alive and it feels great. I realize how much I have to offer the positive flow of the world, I am ready for whatever comes my way. LN”

Would you like to help a loved one end addiction?

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Paula Dewar is a mother and professional rehab consultant who has saved a dozen drug abusers and their families. She lives in the UK with her family. Paula speaks English and Portuguese.


Residential Solar Power Systems – Advantages of Solar Power at Home

Residential solar power systems are gaining popularity and are being deployed by many families all over the world.  More and more people are realizing that dependency on fossil fuel has to be reduced. This is possible only by building alternate sources of energy over a period of time. Fossil fuels are not going to last forever. It is possible to install your own power system using the light energy emitted by the sun. All places on this earth where there is enough sunshine, spending a small amount of money can help you generate electricity.

Commercial Electrical Services Vs Residential Electrical Services - WC  McBride Electrical

The purpose of this article is to bring out the main advantages of residential solar power systems:

Before we discuss the advantages, let us understand the different ways in which you can generate solar power at home Business Power Plans.

There are two major types of residential solar power systems – the grid connected and the independent stand-alone system. The grid-connected system is connected to the power grid from the utility company. The stand-alone system operates independently. Cost of building a grid-connected system is higher compared to the standalone one.

One of the key advantages of this type of energy is that it can help you save on electricity bills by almost 80 %.  Additionally if you can generate more electricity, and if you have a grid-connected unit, then you can sell the excess energy to the utility company. This way you can generate some additional revenue.

The major advantage of generating solar power at home is environment friendly energy. It does not pollute the air in a manner that fossil fuels do. Plus you can slowly reduce your dependence on the utility company for your electricity requirements. By installing your own unit you will set a fine example for others to emulate and follow.

If you engage a company to construct a solar energy unit, then you may have to spend a lot of money. Installation services will cost you a lot. However now it is possible for you to construct your own unit at home. There are many online guides that offer you step-by-step instructions to build your own unit. These guides and plans are comprehensive and any non-technical person can put together a unit.

For construction of your own unit, you will have to spend some money to buy various parts. However, this initial investment can easily be recovered back in a few months itself. This is the reason more and more families are opting for residential solar power systems.


Video Streaming Protocols


Video surveillance systems currently are undergoing a transition where more and more traditional analog solutions are being replaced by digital solutions. Compared with an analog video surveillance system, a digital video surveillance offers much better flexibility in video content processing or data transmission. At the same time, it, also, have ability to implement advanced features such as motion detection, facial recognition and object tracking. Applying digital systems, makes the security system capable of transmitting video through the Internet, so we need to study the different methods of video streaming over the network. Streaming is the process of playing a file while it is still downloading. Streaming video is a sequence of “moving images” that are sent in compressed form in a way that it can start being proceed before it is completely received like video clips on a Web page.

Here, some of the network protocols used in video streaming are described. The focus is on the features of most important protocols in video surveillance including TCP, UDP and RTSP.

Protocols in streaming technology:

Protocols are the rules implemented for a particular technology, which in streaming technology are used to carry message packets, and communication takes place only through them. Some of the protocols used in streaming technology are described as follows:


SDP, standing for Session Description Protocol, used to describe multimedia sessions in a format understood by the participants over a network. The purpose of SDP is to convey information about media streams in multimedia sessions to help participants join or gather information of a particular session. In fact, SDP conveys information such as session name and purpose, times the session is active, codec format, media in the session, Information to receive those media (addresses, ports, formats and so on). A participant checks these information and takes the decision about joining a session.

SDP is aimed primarily for using in large WANs (Wide-Area Network) including the internet. However, SDP can also be utilized in proprietary LANs (Local Area Networks) and MANs (Metropolitan Area Networks).


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol that enables a server to automatically assign a dynamic IP address to each device that connected to the network. By this assigning, a new device can be added to a network without the bother of manually assigning it a unique IP address. The introduction of DHCP eased the problems associated with manually assigning TCP/IP client addresses, resulting in flexibility and ease-of-use to network administrators.

DHCP is not a secure protocol, since no mechanism is built to allow clients and servers to authenticate each other. Both are vulnerable to deception, as one computer can pretend to Prostastream be another.


Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) is an internet protocol standard to manage the real-time transmission of multimedia data over unicast or multicast network services. In other words, RTP defines a standard packet format to deliver real-time audio and video over IP networks. RTP does not guarantee real-time delivery of data, but it provides mechanisms for the sending and receiving applications to support streaming data. It is utilized in conjunction with Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) to ensure that monitor data delivery for large multicast networks is provided and Quality of Service (QOS) can be maintained. Monitoring is used to detect any packet loss and to compensate any delay jitter.

RTP is used extensively in communication and applications which involve streaming media such as telephony or video teleconference applications. The recent application of RTP is the introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems which are becoming very popular as alternatives to regular telephony circuits.


Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) is the control protocol that works in conjunction with RTP to monitor data delivery on large multicast network. Providing feedback on the quality of service being provided by RTP, is the RTCP’s primary function.

RTCP control packets are periodically transmitted by each participant in an RTP session to all other participants. It is important to point out that RTCP carries statistical and control data, while RTP delivers the data. RTCP statistics contain sender or receiver reports such as the number of bytes sent, packets sent, lost packets and round trip delay between endpoints. RTCP provides a way to correlate and synchronize different media streams that have come from the same sender.


The main protocol in streaming is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), which used to transmit stored or live media data over the IP network. It provides client controls for random access to the stream content. This application layer protocol is used to establish and control either a single or several time-synchronized streams of continuous media such as video and audio. RTSP servers use the Transport RTP in conjunction with RTCP, so that RTP acts as the transport protocol and RTCP will be applied for QOS (Quality of Service) analysis and also synchronization between video and audio streams. Consequently, RTSP can both control and deliver real-time content. The RTP and RTCP are independent of the underlying transport and network layers. In fact, RTSP is considered more than a protocol and provides a simple set of basic commands to control the video stream.

RSTP is based on the bandwidth available between the client and server so that breaks the large data into packet sized data. This, applied to live data feeds as well as stored. So, client software can play one packet, while decompressing the second packet and downloading the third media files. This enables the real-time file to be heard or viewed by the user immediately without downloading the entire media file and also without feeling a break between the data files.


Supplements for Prostate Health: How Effective Are They?

Prostate disorders have become quite common among 21st century men. The number of diagnosed cases has escalated alarmingly, particularly in Western countries. With the increasing number of reported cases, researchers and scientists have developed various sets of treatment protocols to help manage conditions affecting the prostate gland. However, maintaining a healthy prostate is still the best way to avoid having to undergo strenuous treatment tactics to manage these problems. In the past few years, supplements for prostate health have been made available to help men minimize their chances of developing any of these disorders.

Supplements for prostate health are not cures, they are habits and nutrients that can help improve a man’s prostate health and thereby narrow his chances of acquiring prostate-related disorders such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate and even cancer. According to studies, nutrition is the most important factor both in the development and management of prostate gland diseases. Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle are believed to be key elements in maintaining a healthy prostate.

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. It is located under the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum. The position of the prostate allows it to affect the processes of Prostate Protocol urination and ejaculation. To maintain the health of the prostate gland, experts have claimed that excessive intake of animal-derived foods such as red meat and dairy products should be avoided. This claim is primarily based on statistics which showed that Western men have a higher percentage of prostate diseases compared with Asian men. Westerners are more inclined to have red meat in their diet, while Asians are more likely to eat vegetables and fruits.

Another factor that contributes to prostate health is lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant agent that can be found in tomatoes, guavas, watermelon and pink grapefruit. When it comes to minerals, zinc has been hailed as the most effective in helping lower a man’s chances of developing prostate disorders. Zinc can be found in shellfish, yeast and pumpkin seeds. Since men tend to lose zinc when they ejaculate, their need for this particular mineral is higher than that of women. A daily intake of 50 to 100 milligrams of zinc has been recommended by health experts to ensure a proper level of supply in the body.

Soy products are another of those groups of foods recommended to men, particularly those aged 45 and above. Some scientists have speculated that Japanese men have lower incidence of prostate cancer compared with American men because they have higher intakes of soy foods. Tofu, tempeh, miso and soy milk are common in most Japanese men’s dietary programs. Aside from their long-proven nutritional functions, soy products also contain two substances that seem to help fight cancer. These are genistein and isoflavinoids. These chemicals have been found to be particularly effective against hormone-dependent cancers like prostate cancer.


Food Acids We Consume Regularly

Food acids are the vital acids found in natural and synthetic food products that give them a distinct flavor or a tinge. Many fruits, vegetables and dairy products contain some type of acid. Human body tends to react differently to different types of food acids. Some of these acids provide nutrients or help alleviate some maladies whilst some have adverse effects on health when they are not consumed in appropriate amounts.

Citric Acid: This is a natural preservative found primarily in citrus fruits. Limes and Lemons are the best sources of citric acid, followed by other citrus fruits and strawberries, tomatoes and pineapples. A great quantity of all the citric acid produced is contained in soft drinks and other beverages, where it boosts flavors and adds a slightly sour taste. Citric acid also acts as a preservative and flavor enhancer in foods, including frozen foods, meat products, canned vegetables, jams, gelatins, candies.

Malic Acid: This is a component of many of the foods that we eat daily; mainly contained in candies, diet sodas and other artificially sweetened drinks due to its ability in masking artificial flavors and alternative sweeteners. The food that is most famous for its high malic acid content is the apple. Other fruits with a very high concentration of the acid are lychees, peaches nectarines, cherries, tomatoes, bananas, mangoes, and strawberries.

Tartric Acid: This compound is naturally found in many plants, particularly in grapes, tamarinds, pineapples, potatoes, carrots and bananas. It is also one of the especial acids found in wine. Tartaric acid can be added to food when a sour taste is desired. Tartaric acids have a dual role of an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory which can help boost the immune system and promote overall wellness.

Acetic Acid: Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid, is a sour-tasting compound best known for the sour taste and pungent smell in vinegar, pickles, and sourdough bread. Its produced by fermenting and oxidizing ethanol and the distillation of wood. Acetic Acidaburn acid has many functions, but it is mostly used as a chemical reagent, fungicide, herbicide, and solvent in a variety of industries such as food, agriculture, cosmetics and cleaning.

Oxalic Acid: Oxalates or Oxalic acids is a compound occurring in many plants and vegetables. It is also produced in the body by metabolism of glyoxylic acid or ascorbic acid and does not go through metabolism but excreted in the urine. The body is known to absorb oxalic acid from only a handful of foods, including peanuts, pecans, cocoa, guava, rhubarb wheat bran, spinach, beets and beet greens and chocolate.

Benzoic acid: A natural source of benzoic acid is gum benzoin, which comes from certain tree barks, but, it can also be made by synthetic means. Benzoic acid is very useful as Preservatives to make food products last longer, and also eradicate harmful yeast and bacteria. Benzoic acid is present in various products, including Cranberries, prunes and plums sauces, jams, jellies and candied fruits.

Butyric acid: Butyric acid also known as butanoic acid, is a saturated short-chain fatty acid with a 4-carbon backbone occurring in the form of esters in animal fats and plant oils. Butyrate is produced as end-product of a fermentation process such as, decomposition of butter solely performed by obligate anaerobic bacteria. It is found in milk, especially sheep and buffalo milk, goat, cheese and butter.

Lactic acid: This is an organic compound which is white and water-soluble in its solid state and colourless in its liquid state. It is produced both naturally and artificially but naturally present in many foodstuffs via natural fermentation in products such as cheese, yogurt, soy sauce, sourdough, meat products and pickled vegetables. Lactic acid in food products usually serves as either as a pH regulator or as a preservative. It is also used as a flavouring agent.


Divine Thinking And Personal Reality Part 1

In metaphysics we are taught that the mind plays an important role in determining one’s reality. The combination of all our belief structures, attitudes, expectations, hopes, feelings, and subconscious imprints build up the “reality” that we experience. This reality is substantially our mental perception and interpretation of the varying impressions that our senses accumulate, and this resultant reality differ from person to person. No two individuals perceive or interpret the world exactly alike, even-though there may be a consensus, a collective consciousness underlying everyday objective consciousness that forms a basic reality for individuals or entities vibrating at mutual wavelengths. This is sometimes called a “shared-dream.” From the Cosmic point of view, everything is a dream, a play of the senses, a cosmic dance of the gods. Everything is illusory; however this is not to say that we are not affected by our “dreams” whether understood as the sleep-state or Maya-waking reality. Our dreams affect us in accord with the power that we bestow upon it. We empower our dreams to cause fear or love within us. The unlimited power is really within our beings and not existing externally. It exists here and now within ourselves, not in the past nor in the future but in the present moment. People and things have no power to inflict harm upon us except for the power that we give to them.

But to return to the principle of the personal reality that we create for ourselves, we may illustrate this by noting the differences in our interpretations of what we call “colour.” A person may interpret energy vibrating and emanating from an object as “green,” another individual may interpret it as “blue.” Who is to say what is the actuality? Though many may agree a colour of an object to be green, for instance, does not imply that the perception of blue as invalid. Calling someone “colour-blind” is actually an expression of arrogance. We judge others by our own moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical standards. We consider this as the “norm.” Just because someone’s perception or understanding is different from ours is no reason for condemnation and destructiIon, so long as that person’s understanding does no harm to any being.

Animals may also differ from humans in their perception of the world. They may see things in black and white or shades of gray. They perceive a different reality even-though triggered by the same spiritual substratum or actuality. What that “actuality” is can only be intellectually speculated upon. We have often been told by Spiritual Masters that Truth can only be experienced and not thought about. The actual state of all phenomena is what philosophers of all ages have been seeking, and this they designate as “Truth.” We might express actuality as the Law of Energy; and reality, the various phenomena that we realize, as the Law of Perception and Sensation. Summarily, no one’s personal reality ought to be considered as the Absolute Truth, since this is unstable, ever-changing, forever in formation.

It may be appropriate to explain this principle of actuality and reality much more explicitly: what we realize in our minds are our realizations, hence, our reality. What really exists out there beyond our objective, everyday consciousness and perception, is “actuality”-the actual state of things: a whole spectrum of energies vibrating at varying frequencies. Actuality is noumena, whereas realities are phenomena. The objective mind is often fooled by what it senses and perceives. A nervous disorder could cause a different form of sensation and perception compared to a nervous system functioning normally. A sensitized nervous system could also receive more impressions from the environment than those nervous systems dulled by negative energies and undeveloped neurons. The Central Nervous System (CNS) has a dual function: it carries Divine Locks impulses from sensors to the brain receptors. This is its afferent function. Its other function is to convey impulses from the brain to the effectors–to the muscles and such. This is the efferent function of the CNS. The CNS in one sense is a channel of knowledge for it presents to us the impressions with which we may know and realize our environment. On the other hand, it is also a channel of ignorance, for it blocks out certain vital impressions from us with which we could further understand Nature. Man, however, is built in such a manner that he may receive and be aware of impressions or energies emanating not only from the third dimension but of the higher dimensions as well. Aside from the Central Nervous System there is also the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems that have psychic functions as well as the known physical ones. Although these three nervous systems relate to the physical body, the etheric sheath also has these counterparts. In yoga these are called “nadi.” In acupuncture these are referred to as the “meridian channels.” These subtle channels are interrelated and interconnected with the three physical nervous systems mentioned above. The more we unfold, purify, and upgrade these subtle and gross channels, the more information we may acquire from the physical, psychic, and spiritual dimensions. This cannot help but alter our personal reality and the level of our consciousness.

But returning to the physical level in relationship to one’s personal reality, consideration should also be given that the normal five senses are often tricked by external stimuli forming illusions in the consciousness. There are many examples of such; for instance, parallel railway tracks seem to join at the horizon. Another illusion is that which has fooled humanity for centuries, that the sun orbits around the earth. We know that Corpenicus revealed the opposite to be true.

Though the conscious mind with its senses are susceptible to deceptions, the subconscious mind is even more so. One striking feature is that it is unable to distinguish between dreams, fantasies, imaginations, hallucinations, and objective reality. To the subconscious mind, everything is real, no matter what arouses or stimulates it. A person dreaming of running will physically break out in sweat, just as he would if he were to run in a physical and objective sense. A person hypnotized into believing that his skin was “burnt” by a cigarette would physically form a blister, even-though the “burning” cigarette was really something else. A person fantasizing sexual thoughts would physically trigger the flow of bodily chemicals and hormones. Thus, a natural law is herein revealed that our mind may be made to believe and act upon the belief in accord with what we impress upon it. Pretending that one is inferior causes the subconscious mind to release the related energies in the form of chemicals and reduce the quality of radiations that would enforce and maintain that belief. For instance, feeling oneself inferior lowers the intensity of the aura, and hence, one’s charisma. Believing in one’s unworthiness disrupts the harmonious functioning of the body’s immune system and lowers the body’s vitality. Animals as well as some people are sensitive to the energies that we radiate through our aura and minds. As an illustration, if we do not have self-confidence we would radiate a weak magnetic aura and have a poor effect upon our environment. A prospective employer or client would consciously or subconsciously feel this un-charismatic radiation and would subsequently dismiss our application or proposal. Employers do not simply evaluate us by what we say, or the resume that we submit. They also evaluate us by what they “feel” about us. This, of course, applies to many other situations.